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Mirror World/ The King and others

Hello my fellow creative hearts!
Today I have a lot to update. As I said I will be only doing weekly updates now, so I don't waste so much time in the show off and spend more time actually drawing.

I'm trying to fill one of these pages everyday to study poses, a bit of anatomy and values, it's hard but I'm trying, they took around 10-15 min. each pose:

So I've finished two more pieces from the Mirror world, and here they are:

Found (The Room)

Red Mosquito

 And I began doing this one too:

Yesterday I also finally finished The King. I'll put the description from deviantArt:
What began to be a hardcore perspective study turned out into this. As Andrew Loomis says, perspective is something really troublesome to learn but if you can get through all the boring stuff, it can be very rewarding to your work.

This is a scene in which we see the Demon King again [link] before he had gone completely to the dark side and got the holy blood spear to conquer the world (what? he's going to conquer the world with his penis? oh wow).
All the women there are candidates to become part of the ritual in which he is going to choose two of them to become part of him (what... a... PIMP!).
The six women in dresses are merely servants. The top four are still young virgins needed for the ritual. The two in the foreground are sisters and the one in the right has cast a freezing spell on the other, so that she doesn't interfere in the execution of the guy (which is her secret lover (ooh poor thing)).
The big guy in the front..... well he's just a big guy in the front (having fun with the execution probably, *grabs some beer*).

And that's it, I'm trying to improve my storytelling skills, instead of only making random paintings.
I am actually proud of this one because I used no textures, and no references.

 So here it is. You can click to open a new tab to see it bigger (with the WIP as promised):

Started with a thumbnail to get the general idea - mood, composition, lights, etc...

applied the perspective and the focal points (oh perspective almost killed me but I have to thank Andrew Loomis Sucessful Drawing book- available online)

drew all the charachters to get the correct anatomy and the different values

added the stong shades, shadows, highlights and DRAMA - Render complete:

And here are the details:

Comicon is almost coming, it's gonna be this FRIDAY, FRIDAY, gotta get down on FRIDAY and WE SO EXCITED! XD
By the way, last week I watched the Rurouni Kenshin live action movie and actually loved it, it was so like the animation (can't say the same about Dragon Ball XD...)

Thanks for the photo Leonor, just added a bit of magic et voilá XD:

My Best Regards,
Darsy Fernandes

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