domingo, 9 de novembro de 2014

'Will to Live' and other works

Hey everyone, today I'm sharing with you the process of my recent work 'Will to Live'
The initial idea was to portray a man falling from a temple's ceiling, so I began by creating some thumbnails in black and white just to get the main composition of the piece and the focal points.

As you can can see, the thumbnails were very rough (using a brush) and then I did another where I would decide where the elements of the composition would be placed. After that I sketched a lot of poses and finally came up with one which I was happy with,

In Photoshop I made a grayscale tonal study just to get the idea of the perspective I wanted (background/foreground) and the different planes, as well as the light sources (direct and ambient)

The use of ear-buds with soft rubber in a empty yogurt recipient was an interesting part of the process because I really wanted to get the perspective right but was lacking the capacity to visualize how the pillars would be.

Here had the main structures drawn and knowing the perspective better I also decided to play with it a bit and distort it, to give a more 'vertigo' effect of falling.

After having the basic rendering of the objects, it was time to decorate the temple, so I created a simplified version of the image of Buddha holding a flower and another sign which doesn't really have a meaning but was created more as a 'filler' for the temple's ceiling.

The latter is the finished version with the rendering of the main subject and the rest of the people falling/floating around. I was thinking about drawing even more people but thought that would be too much noise and all the work I had rendering the temple would be for nothing so I only left a few of them.

And that's it! This is how in a very simple way you can create a somewhat complex illustration in a few hours. The most important is not to give up and enjoy the process. I actually erased a first version of this illustration because the perspective was really messed up, but I took the time and patience to try again and it got much better. So yes it's a lot about keep going even if you think it sucks.

Here are also some sketches I've been doing these past few days:

Also, I'm not sure if I should celebrate or grieve for Naruto's manga finale... I mean c'mon it's 15 years of work - Masashi Kishimoto sure needs some holidays XD. I'm really hyped for the next movie where everyone is grown up (married, with kids and everything).

So cheers, keep up the good work and hope to update soon with some more candy. Thank you.

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