quinta-feira, 2 de maio de 2013

Resuming Action

I went to the National Gallery of London today (for the second time) and was so amazed by so many artists that I got a bit depressed with all the geniuses work like Caravaggio, Velásquez, Rubens... all these artists that up until now I had only seen in books were finally at my sight, it was overwhelming but at the same time wonderful and ginormously inspiring!

I also went to the British Museum but was already so tired of walking gallery corridors from 9am until 16pm that I gave up and decided to come back maybe tommorow (there's still a lot to see!)

SoI'm finally back, now with the finished design of the earlier Demon King. I only need to put some color on it. I've been busy reviewing my whole works up until now and gaining some courage to fully dedicate myself to concept art and illustration. Expect to see a lot from me from now on!

25 min still life study

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ivanka k disse...

Great stuff Darsy and enjoy London, that's the only place I miss. I love all the galleries, but would recommend The Wallace Collection ;).

Darsy4974 disse...

Yes Ivanka I will, and also will make sure to visit that one. Man there's still so much to see... thank you and keep up the creation too ;)