sexta-feira, 20 de setembro de 2013

Comic- Versus

To celebrate the 101th post in LapisAzulis I present to you my latest short-comic. YAAAAY!
Actually, VS was supposed to be for the BD AMADORAcomic contest and exhibition in Portugal, but the deadline is today and I only finished it yesterday, and since they only accept entries by post, I won't make it in time, which is pretty sad... so much work for this...

Anyway, I'm happy with it so I'm posting to share it with you guys. Maybe I'll send it to other comic publications I have in mind.


I've been reading a lot of comics lately so I wanted to start my own. I really dig the style of Adrian Tomine which is like an indirect biography of his life issues and would love to do something like that (in fact, that's what I was doing last year).

So between my work as a waiter and my work as an illustrator I'm struggling surviving. I kinda feel that now I have a double life because the hotel doesn't have anything to do with me, but I guess it's good just to give me more motivation to draw. And I should say it's working pretty well : )


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