sábado, 24 de maio de 2014

MCM Comicon London

It's been a while since I had so much fun at a popular convention. For some reason, this year's Comicon exceeded my expectations or maybe it was just me who became more socially engaging XD

Met some awesome artists, seen a lot of great cosplayers and even had the chance to participate in a drawing contest. I still wanted to kick some ass at the Ultra Street Fighter IV tournament held there but when I got there, they're were almost closing.

The organization was a bit terrible because if you went out of the bulding and wanted to come back you'd have to wait in another queue for 20 more minutes to get back inside. This was ridiculously frustrating and if I may add, stupid!

But well I guess that the experience was worth it and I'll be looking forward for the next one, maybe with a table of my own to share my work.

These are the ones I liked the most. There were SOO many that I wanted to photograph but I only have two hands and one camera...

This one is the best junior I've seen, this young man was awesome!

I was blown away by the resemblance of Doctor Who and this guy! O_O

Anyone remebers this sir? (no it's not the guy on the right)

Priceless! I've seen a few there, and this one was pretty accurate and the sword was a total replica!

Best makeup ever! If I saw this guy on the street I would totally freak out!

Best Dark Maul I've ever seen!

I remember asking them: Guys I know you must be tired by now but can I-

Okay.... I was seriosuly intimidated by this Bane. I just took the picture and then my legs were like..... RUUUUN!!


My favorite MK character - RAIN!

This is not only the best black cosplayer I've seen but the best Bleach cosplayer I've ever laid my eyes upon. This guy was awesome! Totally into the character - Tousen from Bleach

Oh look it's Raiden!

Loved this one!

Killer Bee was KILLA!

Best armor in the whole town!


GULP! OMG! *wipes off sweat with tissue*

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