terça-feira, 16 de setembro de 2014

I'm Back (Yes, again...!)

Like the 'Staind' song: "It's been a while, since I could hold my head up high."
Yes it's been a while due to extraordinary hours at work (at my waiter's dayjob) which drains me from doing my artwork. Oh how I miss college.
On the other hand, this situation I'm going through (which I strongly suspect is a sign of Kundalini Sindrome by the way) is teaching me how to respect my limits and how to spend my energy in a more productive way.
I still believe that things will work out and I hope that Things also believe in me. We're working together on that.
I will now cease my nonsense speech and proceed to the display of the what I've been doing in the past few weeks/days.

Anatomy book reference (highlighting with different colors to memorize each muscle better:

1 to 5 min studies:

1 hour leg muscles study:

Compositional 5 min studies:

Aprox. 2 hour still life study:

 Future Children illustrations:


WIP for Heroica collab:

Me, when not working at the cafe...:

And that's my life. Such fun isn't it? Cheers!

4 comentários:

Assis Fonseca disse...

Bom de ver coisas novas por aqui. Impressionante evolução!

Rabe de Pêxe disse...

Excelente trabalho Darsy, grande artista que me saiste (mesmo!)

A ultima imagem tá qualquer coisinha de épica (photoception).

ivanka k disse...

Hi Darsy, I hope you are not getting too discouraged and that you are sending your portfolio to some potential clients. I am sure they'll notice how hard you work on your craft and surely some great opportunities will come your way. Keep up. All the best I.

Darsy4974 disse...

Thank you Fonseca, Pexe, and Ivanka!
I'm following my heart now so I'm getting some new superpowers and hope to post more and more soon. Thank you again guys, it means a lot!