sábado, 15 de fevereiro de 2014

Naice Try- Background concepts

Hey so look what we have here today! Must say that I'm very happy for almost reaching the 20th page and things are developing not as fast as I wanted but they are!

I've done a lot of color tests for the comic and I decided that the whole comic will have very simple flat colors and only the important scenes will have a full digital painting - for me it's the perfect solution because I don't want to spend an eternity painting every single page the same way :P

Hopefully- really really hopefully I will finish all of the sketching and inking before the end of February. 

Here are some samples:

School Backgrounds - My High School memories are playing an important role here, so doing this really brings me back.

 Some full colored tests:

Character concept and sketching/painting:

Some daily sketching for Daily Draw February:

And now it's time to rest. Thank you for watching and see you soon guys, keep on keeping it up ;)

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